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Guided Meditation

Guided meditation is a type of meditation led by a meditation facilitator or meditation teacher.

Whether in person or via video or audio recording, what makes guided meditation different is that the process of entering a meditative state is achieved with the help of another’s words or guidance.  This form of meditation can be experienced in a group setting (e.g. at a meditation studio) or in a 1-on-1 session (e.g. with a coach, therapist, practitioner, etc.).

Coaches & Teachers

As a coach, becoming a trained guided meditation facilitator is vital to your success.  Integrating targeted, outcome-oriented guided meditations in a session can help your clients engage more meaningfully in the coaching process, add novelty to your work & help you get lasting results that will set you apart from the vast amount of competition in the industry.

Healthcare Professionals & Counselors

There is a huge opportunity for healthcare professionals seeking to use guided meditation for health & wellness purposes.  The benefits of guided meditation for heart health, mental health, anxiety and pain management are many, but some in the industry are realizing there are other opportunities for meditation in healthcare outside of treating patients.

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