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Guided meditation training for healthcare professionals

There is a huge opportunity for healthcare professionals seeking to use guided meditation for health & wellness purposes.  The benefits of guided meditation for heart health, mental health, anxiety and pain management are many, but some in the industry are realizing there are other opportunities for meditation in healthcare outside of treating patients.

Professional meditation facilitator training for healthcare professionals can open up a wide variety of opportunities to grow a business centered around promoting the general well-being of the entire industry.

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Benefits of guided meditation in healthcare

From treating patients to helping doctors cope with the pressure of the job, there are numerous benefits of integrating meditation into healthcare.  As healthcare professionals begin to recognize the growing demand for drug-free alternatives to pain management and stress & anxiety reduction, mindfulness and meditation techniques are becoming an integral part of the global conversation.

Heart health

Improving heart health with meditation

Heart disease continues to be one of the most persistent issues in public health.  Using guided meditation for heart health has been proven to improve Heart Rate Variability (HRV), one of the key indicators used to evaluate the risk of heart disease.  In The Guided Meditation Framework®, we show our meditation facilitators how to teach meditation breathing techniques designed to maximize HRV & reduce activity in the sympathetic nervous system.

A heart made of happy fireworks to represent the heart health benefits of guided meditation training
An image of a depressed man to show how guided meditation training can be used to address mental health issues

Mental health

Addressing the mental health crisis

Unfortunately, the mental health crisis continues to be a growing issue worldwide.  However, using guided meditation for mental health treatment is a viable and well-studied solution.  In The Guided Meditation Framework®, our facilitators learn how to use guided meditation in a targeted manner to shift perspective & enable people to view their situation through a more healthful lense.  Healthcare professionals with professional training in this area are beginning to play a key role in the amelioration of depression, anxiety & other stress disorders.

pain management

Using meditation for pain management

Effective management of pain is a foundational medical challenge for the world and especially, the U.S.A. today.  Studies have proven that techniques of mindfulness & meditation for pain management promote similar pain-relief effects as prescriptions drugs, while bypassing the opioid receptors in the brain.  The method we teach in The Guided Meditation Framework® can help healthcare professionals assist patients in managing pain, without the use of harmful, addictive drugs.

An image of a pill bottle with pills spilling out to represent how guided meditation training can be used to help people manage pain
An image of a nurse taking a break to represent the need for guided meditation training to help nurses deal with stress

Doctors & nurses

Helping doctors & nurses with stress

Stress & anxiety management is an epidemic for surgeons, ER doctors, nurses and others under the intense and relentless pressure that is inseparable from the demanding work & responsibilities of their job.  Unfortunately, for doctors & healthcare practitioners, there are few options & little time to healthfully address this issue. The Guided Meditation Framework® can teach healthcare professionals how to bring stress relieving meditation services into hospitals & clinics and help our doctors & nurses handle the intense emotional demands of their work.

Healthcare-focused meditation business

How to start a healthcare-focused meditation business

There are two untapped avenues available to those seeking to know how to start a healthcare business with guided meditation: meditation services for patients & meditation services for healthcare professionals. While these two paths are slightly different, they are not mutually exclusive and could be executed within a singular business model.

For reasons explained above, there is a growing demand for meditation in healthcare, for both the practitioner & patient, and few have recognized the immense opportunity to start a healthcare business centered around meditation.

By creating an in-house meditation service for hospitals and clinics around the globe, entrepreneurs could build a meditation business by providing this much needed service to doctors, nurses, and patients & their families alike.

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Integrate guided meditation into your healthcare profession

If you want to learn to lead guided meditations in your work as a healthcare professional or bring much needed meditation services to practitioners around the globe, look no further.  The Guided Meditation Framework®‘s online professional training, group coaching & 1-on-1 mentorship program is ideal for healthcare professionals seeking to carve a new path for themselves in a rapidly growing industry.

Our methodology was created by results coach & clinical hypnotherapist, Heather Hayward, who has used this technique in her work with many MD’s & surgeons and those battling life threatening illnesses for years.

Our pragmatic approach to guided meditation is perfect for healthcare practitioners seeking to explore new avenues of service or to galvanize their entrepreneurial spirit around the creation of an entirely new business.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a guided meditation facilitator, watch our free training & explore the opportunity to work with us today!

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