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Guided meditation training for yoga teachers

Yoga teachers all understand the importance of meditation, not just as a foundational motivation for the creation of yoga, but also as a path to deeper levels of understanding & inner peace. While most yoga teachers have experience leading brief meditations at the beginning of class or during the Shavasana pose, very few have a specific & detailed understanding of how to lead transformational guided meditations.

As the number of yoga teachers & the demand in the meditation market rises dramatically, teachers who can facilitate outstanding guided meditations – distinct from mindfulness – have a chance to differentiate themselves and capitalize on a growing global trend towards inner work.

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Benefits of guided meditation for yoga teachers

Professional meditation teacher training enables yoga teachers to provide more meaningful experiences to their students, and a way to expand their teaching beyond the textbook yoga class.  As competition in the yoga industry rises, a growing number of teachers are differentiating themselves & expanding their business by incorporating immersive meditation experiences into their repertoire.


Standout in a crowded industry

Yoga studios are a dime a dozen in major cities and are steadily popping up in small towns across the globe.  While this doesn’t decrease the value of practicing yoga, it does create a challenge for yoga teachers looking to make a unique impact in the lives of their students.  The Guided Meditation Framework® teaches a technique of guided meditation designed to provoke insights & inspire creativity that enables teachers to provide an experience their students won’t find from anyone else.

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Expand into group events, workshops & retreats

Yoga & goal-oriented guided meditations create the perfect recipe for transformative workshops, retreats & other group events.  By excelling at facilitating deep inner exploration, yoga teachers drastically improve their ability to lead unique events that are far more impactful & memorable for their participants than the typical yoga retreat.  The Guided Meditation Framework® provides detailed instruction on facilitating group meditation experiences, developing leadership ability & structures for leading meditation infused events.


Add more value & variety

There are only so many yoga classes teachers can lead – or take for that matter – before they begin to feel like they are just going through the motions.  Guided meditation can offer a way to reinvigorate a teacher’s passion for improving the lives of their students by helping students explore their thoughts & feelings in meditative contemplation.  The Guided Meditation Framework® can show yoga teachers how to integrate this skill set seamlessly into what they do to add a newness & depth to their work with students.

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Evolve your yoga business

Combine yoga & meditation to grow your business with us

For yoga teachers, knowing how to facilitate a quality meditation experience is invaluable.  In The Guided Meditation Framework®, we teach a pragmatic approach to meditation specifically focused on professional applications, only focusing only on what our students need to know to increase their effectiveness, grow their business & lead memorable group events.

Our professional training, taught by Heather Hayward, is the most in-depth program on the market and leaves no stone unturned when it comes to guided meditation.  From how to use this tool 1-on-1 to leading retreats to making studio-quality meditation audios, we show our students how to infuse impactful immersive experiences into anything they do now or may plan to in the future.  If you are looking for practical, no-nonsense training & 1-on-1 mentorship from a guided meditation facilitator with over 30 years of experience, then look no further.

Watch our free training video & discover whether or not The Guided Meditation Framework® can help you reach the next level of your yoga teaching business.

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