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Guided meditation training for school teachers

For school teachers, meditation facilitator training is invaluable. From increasing your students’ memory & retention to reducing stress to improving the emotional health of each student, integrating meditation into your weekly curriculum can drastically improve your effectiveness and leadership ability in the classroom.

With attention spans shortening & distractibility on the rise, knowing how to guide your class through meditations is becoming a critical skill set for teachers to facilitate a deep learning experience.

guided meditation in the classroom

Benefits of guided meditation for students

With mental health issues on the rise among children & adolescents, meditation & mindfulness are becoming central to the global discussion on on how to address this issue.  For both students & teachers, regular implementation of focused meditative contemplation could be the key to fighting these disturbing trends.


Improving focus & motivation

Capturing & captivating the attention of a class is difficult, especially in today’s digital age.  For teachers who are passionate about their students’ success, this can be immensely frustrating. However, by leading a guided meditation, teachers can grab the attention of their class & focus it on a specific task or question.  Additionally, meditation can enable your students to gain access to the higher cognitive functions they need to meaningfully participate in classroom discussion.

An artistic representation of a student being led through an immersive meditation by a school teacher with guided meditation training
An image of a boy who is learning deeply as a result of a guided meditation led by his school teacher


Enhancing deep learning & memory

The plethora of digital distractions afforded to the modern student makes learning & retaining information much more difficult.  For teachers, guided mindfulness meditations can drastically improve your students’ ability to form memories & integrate classroom information into true knowledge.  Having your students shift into a meditative state & contemplate deeply on certain subjects, questions or assignments increases receptiveness to information & develops deep thinking capabilities necessary to learn effectively during class.


Inspiring creativity & sparking insights

Meditation offers a path for students to explore their creative ideas through inner dialogue that is free from the judgment of other students.  Additionally, Immersive Meditation method taught in The Guided Meditation Framework® is specifically focused on increasing activity in the areas of the brain used for creative problem-solving. Utilizing this tool can spark insights in your students, and offer many opportunities for inspiring discoveries in your classroom, both academically & intrapersonally.

An image of a lightbulb to represent how teachers can use guided meditation training inspire creativity

Mental health

How teachers can improve students' mental health

Teachers can use guided meditation to combat the growing mental health crisis among their young & adolescent students.  Meditation is one of the most effective methods of reducing stress, anxiety, depression & other indicators of emotional unrest.  By facilitating regular guided meditations in the classroom, teachers can help students self-reflect, increase empathy, build confidence & develop their emotional intelligence.

At The Guided Meditation Framework®, we are dedicated to addressing this growing issue by equipping teachers with the skills they need to help students use their imagination to contemplate, not ruminate.  Teachers already play a foundational role in developing young minds, but now, they have the opportunity to help heal them as well.

Bring Meditation to schools

Integrate guided meditation into your curriculum

For teachers dedicated to their students’ success in the classroom & life in general, guided meditation is the perfect tool to accomplish both goals.  By learning a pragmatic approach to meditation facilitation, teachers can drastically increase the ability to focus on, understand & integrate information into memory in the classroom, and simultaneously take a stand against the disturbing growth of mental health issues among young people.

The Guided Meditation Framework® offers an online meditation teacher training, group coaching & mentorship program for those seeking to help others improve their cognitive ability, achieve their goals & find more inner peace.  Heather Hayward’s practical method of outcome-oriented guided meditation has been proven over 30 years of professional experience leading clients & groups from confusion to clarity.

We are inspired by the idea of teachers bringing this method into the classroom and would be honored if you would watch our free training video & discover if we could help you make a meaningful difference in the lives of our youth.

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