What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is defined as the state or quality of being conscious or aware of something.  In the context of meditation, mindfulness is the practice of being fully aware of our existence in the present moment.  Therefore, mindfulness meditation is usually practiced by focusing on the sensations of the body, such as the breath or the feeling of the earth beneath us, to anchor our attention on the here & now.  

Another goal of traditional mindfulness, derived from its roots in ancient Buddhism, is to disengage from our thoughts & feelings.  As our thoughts tend to focus on the future or the past, traditional mindfulness meditation views the wandering mind as a distraction from the present, and thus, a source of stress, anxiety & worry.

beyond the present moment

Going Beyond Mindfulness with The Guided Meditation Framework®

The core tenet of mindfulness (non-interaction with our thoughts) that makes it such an effective stress reduction tool also serves to limit its utility in a professional capacity.  For coaches, therapists, practitioners, teachers & other personal development industry professionals, helping others to reduce levels of stress can only take us so far.

confronting our thoughts

Avoiding thoughts creates cognitive clutter

Avoiding, observing & being aware of our thoughts and feelings may alleviate stress in the present moment, but is analogous to cleaning your room by stuffing all your dirty laundry under the bed.  It’s still there… You just aren’t looking at it anymore. In order to clear up the cognitive clutter of daily life, we need to dive deep into our hearts & minds, learn from what we find, and use our insights to progress towards our goals.

An image of a cluttered brain to represent the problem being solved by certified immersive meditation teachers
An image of a man engaging in a mindfulness meditation in a field of flowers

creating a meditative state

Mindfulness is just the warm-up

We recognize the breathing exercises & intentional focus of mindfulness as the necessary first step to creating the physiology necessary for meditative contemplation.  However, at The Guided Meditation Framework®, we view this shift in physiology as an opportunity, not the final destination. The Guided Meditation Framework® goes beyond traditional mindfulness and teaches facilitators how to use meditation to help their clients or group participants explore their thoughts, feel their feelings & make decisions.

Deep contemplation

Meditative contemplation is the game

When is the last time you carved out time for the sole purpose of deep contemplation?  With all the distractions of modern life, the answer to that question can be alarming when we realize how much time is spent distracting ourselves from our own thoughts.  But, routine thinking time is a vital part of processing the complexities of daily life & its ever-growing number of social interactions! In The Guided Meditation Framework®, we show people how to lead guided meditations that facilitate deep contemplation, enabling people to discover & navigate towards their desired outcome for their life.

An image of a Greek statue contemplating to represent the purpose of guided meditation training

mindfulness & meditation business

Start a Mindfulness & Meditation Business with the GMF

The Guided Meditation Framework® is a no-nonsense professional training for personal development professionals looking to make an impact & grow their business.  Our pragmatic approach was created by Heather Hayward, drawing from her over 30 years of professional experience leading her clients & groups through immersive experiences.

Our professional training combines the physiological benefits of mindfulness & meditation, the laser-targeted inquiry of coaching, and the outcome-oriented guided imagery from hypnotherapy into one simple and effective method.  Our comprehensive online meditation teacher training, group coaching & mentorship program will teach you everything you need to know to lead targeted, insightful guided meditation experiences.

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