bringing meditation into the workplace

Guided meditation training for the workplace

In-house guided meditation facilitators are becoming a necessity in the modern workplace. As companies recognize the positive effects of meditation for increasing productivity, reducing stress levels & promoting general wellbeing, businesses all across the nation are carving out both the time & space for this essential practice.

As the demand for guided meditation facilitators in the workplace increases, there is a growing opportunity for those seeking to lead meditations in a corporate setting. Meditation facilitator training can turn an employee into an essential business asset for their peers and executives by utilizing meditations designed to help people find clarity and make decisions.

Meditation at work

Benefits of guided meditation at work

The modern work day/week is more stimulating and distracting than ever before. Goal-oriented guided meditations can be used to improve focus, catalyze creative problem-solving, and facilitate meditative contemplation on specific topics that can help employees & executives move the needle on key business objectives.

in-house facilitation

In-house guided meditation facilitation

Offering daily meditation experiences to employees is a fantastic way to increase productivity in the workplace.  Rather than spending 10-15 minutes on social media or surfing the internet for a break, companies can offer guided meditations at work that helps to reduce stress and create the neurochemistry needed to maintain focus throughout the day.  At The Guided Meditation Framework®, we show facilitators how to create unique experiences during every meditation that will make them an indispensable asset to both the employees they facilitate for and the business’s bottom line.

An artistic double-exposure representation of a woman using her guided meditation training to become an in-house meditation facilitator
An image of an executive benefiting from a guided meditation for decision-making

supporting decision makers

1-on-1 meditations for executive decision-making

When utilized correctly, guided meditation is one of the most effective tools for assisting high-level decision makers.  By focusing on a specific topic, question or objective, outcome-oriented meditations can be used to facilitate moments of deep thinking and creative problem-solving to assist executives during pressure situations.  The Immersive Meditation method was created by Heather Hayward, who has used this process with many executives & Fortune 500 CEOs in her over +40,000 hours of experience in 1-on-1 practice.

Team building

Corporate team building events

Guided meditation offers facilitators & businesses the opportunity to create corporate events that provide a far more meaningful and beneficial experience than the typical team building exercises.  Demand for meditation centered corporate events is high and only increasing, presenting facilitators limitless opportunities to lead guided meditations at work events for a multitude of businesses. The Guided Meditation Framework® arms its students with specific templates for corporate events infused with meditation giving new facilitators the ability to immediately implement their training.

An image of a meditation facilitator using guided meditation training in the workplace to lead a team building event

going beyond mindfulness

Why we need more than mindfulness at work

While there is a vast amount of evidence supporting the benefits of mindfulness at work, we believe that both businesses and their employees need more.  Mindfulness focuses on reducing stress by detaching from one’s thoughts & maintaining focus on the present moment. While this undoubtedly does reduce stress & improve physiology, it doesn’t tap into the potential meditation has to explore one’s thoughts & create moments of deep contemplation.

At The Guided Meditation Framework®, we believe the source of stress & confusion can’t be solved by avoiding one’s thoughts.  We teach facilitators how to lead insight provoking experiences that encourage people to think deeply, ask powerful questions & utilize their imagination while in a meditative state.  This sort of meditation is not only more productive in the workplace but also far more entertaining & engaging for those who participate.

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If you want to learn to lead guided meditations in the workplace, look no further than The Guided Meditation Framework®.  As demand for facilitators increases worldwide, now is the perfect time to receive expert level professional training in this field, specifically focused on goal-oriented guided meditations that are perfect for a corporate setting.

Our meditation teacher training, group coaching & mentorship program is the most in-depth and pragmatic meditation training on the market.  Drawing from Heather Hayward’s +30 years of experience leading guided meditations & +40,000 hours experience as a 1-on-1 coach, our practical methodology is perfectly suited for those seeking to lead guided meditations for large events or 1-on-1 with high-level executives.

If you want to start a guided meditation business or train a facilitator for your own company, look no further.  Watch our free training video & find out if The Guided Meditation Framework® is right for you!

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