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Online Meditation Studio

The Guided Meditation Framework®’s Online Meditation Studio is a virtual oasis in the desert of daily distractions & over-stimulation. Through online meditation classes, workshops & virtual retreats, our goal is to help you reconnect with the part of you that has been lost in the shuffle of life.

who should join

Who is our meditation community for?

Our meditation community is for those who want more out of their inner life. By focusing on practical & relatable applications of meditation, our goal is to inspire moments of creativity, wonder & deep contemplation for the entrepreneur, working professional or everyday person.

What we offer

What's inside our meditation studio?

Inside the Online Meditation Studio, we offer 3 simple services: online meditation classes, workshops & courses. Each offering is created with one purpose: connecting you to the Still Small Voice.

Meditation classes

Enjoy live online meditation classes

Regular online meditation classes are available inside the Meditation Studio. All our meditation experiences are designed with a purpose, to facilitate deep contemplation & inner dialogue. Meditations are led by either Heather Hayward or a Guided Meditation Framework® Certified Meditation Facilitator to provide the best online meditation experience we can offer. Online meditation classes can be joined live or watched via a 48-hour replay, so our meditation experiences are accessible to you regardless of scheduling or timezone conflicts.

Screenshot of Heather Hayward leading a live online meditation class inside the online meditation studio
Heather Hayward leading an online meditation workshop in the meditation studio.

meditation workshops

Experience virtual meditation workshops

Our online meditation workshops are held several times per quarter and focus on the development of the personal, professional & spiritual life. Our goal with these events is to help our participants live their lives in accordance with their values & develop a relationship with their Still Small Voice. Workshops are facilitated via Zoom Meeting with limited numbers of participants to allow for sharing & interaction between members. Our meditation workshops are intimate experiences with strict guidelines for appropriate behavior to protect the quality & comfortability of the community atmosphere.

Meditation courses

Engage in online meditation courses

For those looking to overcome specific challenges or achieve specific goals in their personal, professional, or spiritual lives, one of our courses might be able to assist you. Obviously, we can’t cover every topic, but our goal is to create meditation & coaching courses that address some of the most important challenges we face today. From developing a meditation practice to overcoming digital addiction to rewriting self-talk to developing a relationship with your concept of God, we aim to create courses that have a lasting positive impact on the lives of our members.

A screenshot of an meditation course created and led by Heather Hayward

Learn to listen from within

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