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Guided meditation training for sober coaches

Never has there been a more desperate societal need for sober coaches than now.  Sobriety coaching is essential for many addicts & alcoholics to stay accountable during their first pass through the 12-step process & often, into their first few years of recovery.  Using guided meditation in sobriety coaching is an invaluable way to support newcomers in the next phase of their life.

Getting professional guided meditation facilitator training can enable sober coaches to keep more of their clients out of the clutches of addiction, and simultaneously, open doors of opportunity.

guided meditation in Recovery

Benefits of guided meditation in sobriety coaching

There are many benefits guided meditation in sobriety.  From shifting perspective to improving brain function to charting a new course in life, sober coaches can use meditation teacher training to help their clients move through the 12-steps with honesty & commitment.

Thought & Behavior

Shifting perspective & behavior

Effective recovery is a continual process of gaining perspective & improving behavior.  Meditation improves our ability to see things from another’s point of view and how our behaviors affect those around us.  Sober coaches could use the guided meditation techniques taught in The Guided Meditation Framework® to facilitate focused & meaningful engagement with each step, helping their clients to achieve insights about their past behaviors to improve resilience in the face of temptation.

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Leaving the story behind

Moving beyond the "drunkalogue"

Sharing what it was like, what happened & what it’s like now is vital to unite friends of Bill in their resolve to stay sober.  However, sober coaches need to help their clients move beyond the drunkalogue to look ahead and plan for a bright future in recovery.  Coaches can use techniques of guided imagery & meditation for sobriety that can help addicts & alcoholics discover their values & goals and gain the level of mastery over the destructive thought processes of self-loathing & judgement necessary to stay clean.

higher power

Connecting with a power greater than ourselves

The Big Book couldn’t be clearer on this point: having a spiritual awakening is fundamental to long-term sobriety.  Combining recovery and meditation can assist newcomers in taking this important step towards humility. The methods taught in The Guided Meditation Framework® can enable sober coaches to facilitate deeply personal & impactful experiences for their clients, assisting them to discover and connect with whatever they choose to define as a power greater than themselves.

An image of a man on a heavenly mountain top above the clouds to represent how guided meditation training can be used by sober coaches to connect to a power greater than ourselves

Meditation & meetings

Start holding meditation-infused recovery meetings

Guided meditation can offer sober coaches an opportunity to support more people on their path to sobriety, and create professional opportunities outside of their private practice. By holding meditation recovery meetings, sobriety coaches can create meetings that go beneath the story to provide a more deep & meaningful experience than is typical in a meeting.

Additionally, coaches who specialize in recovery and meditation have an enormous opportunity to partner with treatment centers, rehabs and sober living facilities across the nation and connect with more potential clients in the process. Institutions are all recognizing the need for mindfulness & meditation in recovery, and many already offer in-house guided meditation services as a part of their treatment plan.

Become a sober coach

Become a sober coach with The Guided Meditation Framework®

Whether you are looking to become a sober coach or already are, becoming a guided meditation facilitator will give you the opportunity to stand out and be more effective in your quest to help people stay clean & sober.  The Guided Meditation Framework® is an online professional training, group coaching & 1-on-1 mentorship program that will enable you to become a leader in addiction recovery.

Our method was created by Results Coach & Clinical Hypnotherapist, Heather Hayward, who has been sober since 1981, has used her unique method of outcome-oriented guided meditation with countless sponsees.

If you want to take a bold step toward developing your professional expertise as a sober coach, watch our free training & explore the opportunity to work with us today!

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