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Guided meditation training for coaches

As a coach, becoming a trained guided meditation facilitator is vital to your success.  Integrating targeted, outcome-oriented guided meditations in a session can help your clients engage more meaningfully in the coaching process, add novelty to your work & help you get lasting results that will set you apart from the vast amount of competition in the industry.

Problematic societal trends in attention span, problem-solving ability & resilience to everyday challenges are rendering traditional methods of coaching & motivational interviewing less effective by the day.  However, a technique of guided meditation created by a coach – with over 40,000 hours in 1-on-1 practice – for coaches is the perfect tool for those seeking to drastically increase their effectiveness & grow their business beyond 1-on-1 into retreats & workshops.

Guided meditation in coaching

How can guided meditation training benefit coaches?

Practical guided meditation teacher training enables coaches to increase their clients’ receptiveness to coaching processes & overcome the physiological & psychological roadblocks to change.  This professional multi-tool not only places 1-on-1 coaches in a league of their own but also is profoundly effective when integrated into group coaching & events.

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Increase your effectiveness & your clients' receptiveness

Modern clients are plagued by information & opinion overload, and days filled with perpetual digital stimulation & distraction.  This trend is decreasing the efficacy of traditional coaching methods & motivational interviewing as our clients’ ability to think deeply, stick with problems/solve problems, and make the decisions necessary to achieve their goals deteriorates.  The Guided Meditation Framework® trains coaches to break beneath surface-level thinking and enable clients to access the areas of their brain necessary for creative problem-solving by facilitating insight-provoking moments of meditative contemplation.

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stand out from the crowd

Set yourself apart from the competition

As more coaches flood the market from coaching institutions, it’s becoming harder for coaches to differentiate themselves and not feel imposter syndrome using recycled downloadables & procedures.  Additionally, the internet & online gurus have removed all novelty from typical questions of motivational interviewing, as most clients have had ample exposure to these commonplace practices. The Guided Meditation Framework® offers a unique approach, proven to produce consistent results over many years of professional application, that your clients won’t find from anyone else.

Diversify your offerings

Lead workshops & retreats

The majority of thought leaders & coaches draw from the same pool of online courses and institutionalized templates & ask the same questions that produce mediocre results for group event participants.  Guided meditation can be infused into any workshop or retreat to facilitate deeply personal, individualized outcomes, even in a group setting. The Guided Meditation Framework® shows coaches how to lead memorable group experiences by weaving in immersive meditation experiences and provides proven models of workshops & retreats enabling coaches to immediately implement their training with confidence.

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What's a meditation coach

What does it mean to become a meditation coach?

As a growing number of coaches are seeking training on how to become a meditation coach, it’s important to define what this term means and why we don’t use it.

meditation coach

What does a meditation coach do?

While online meditation coach certifications are starting to pop up, coaches need to understand whether these trainings will help them in their business or not.  Those seeking training on how to become a meditation coach need to ask themselves: Do I want to coach others on how to meditate? Or do I want to integrate meditation into my coaching practice?  Most online meditation coach programs focus on mindfulness and do NOT teach you how to use guided meditation as a tool. Instead, they show you how to teach others how to meditate. While teaching people to meditate is the goal for some, these sorts of programs are typically not tailored to coaches looking to get results with their clients.

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Meditation facilitator

What's a meditation facilitator?

We see guided meditation as a tool to be integrated into coaching, not something to center your career around.  In the same way that motivational interviewing is a tool used to help clients get clear on & achieve their goals, guided meditation is a tool that increases cognitive function, shifts perspective, ignites the creativity & unlocks rapid-fire decision-making capabilities that accelerate clients toward their desired outcome.  Some prefer to use the term "guided meditation facilitator" to describe what they do, because it implies the ability guide meditations, not simply teach meditation. A meditation facilitator learns how to facilitate insight provoking moments of self-reflection & inner listening that can only be produced in a meditative state.

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Launch your coaching career with The Guided Meditation Framework®

The Guided Meditation Framework® was created by Heather Hayward and is specifically designed for coaches seeking to add depth to their work, grow their business & become leaders in the personal development industry.  Drawing on her 30 years of experience leading guided meditations – and over 40,000 hours of experience coaching artists, doctors, psychiatrists, Fortune 500 CEOs, etc. – our pragmatic, no-nonsense approach is perfect for coaches looking to retain their clients & lead transformational workshops & retreats.

The Guided Meditation Framework® is a professional development program designed to support coaches in mastering the ability to help people change and become more prosperous doing it.

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