Guided meditation for beginners

For beginners, guided meditation is the perfect entry point to starting a meditation practice. With self-directed meditation, it can be hard to get into a meditative state when starting out.

However, with guided meditation, all you need to do is sit back & listen to the words of the meditation facilitator. Because guided meditation is a passive way to engage in meditation, it’s much more accessible & effective for those just beginning their journey with meditation.

How to Start Meditating

As a beginner, knowing how to start meditating is important. For those who are just getting started with meditation, it’s very common to have difficulty “quieting the mind” for extended periods of time, especially when meditating by oneself.

Guided Meditation can provide a solution. Because guided meditation is led by a facilitator, the participant is able to focus on the words of the meditation instructor. This makes engaging with & benefiting from the meditation experience far easier.

To ease into a meditation practice, we have created a practical meditation series that starts with 5-minute meditations and then gradually increases to 10-minute, 15-minute, and eventually, 20-minute sessions. Each video in the series teaches a new meditation technique so that by the time you have completed the series, you will be able to meditate for 20 minutes at a time!

Here’s How It Works:

Classes 1 to 5:

5-Minute Guided Meditations focusing on the breath & sensations of the body.

Classes 5 to 10:

10-Minute Guided Meditations focusing on thoughts & feelings.

Classes 11 to 15:

15-Minute Guided Meditations focusing on core states of renewal.

Classes 16 to 20:

20-Minute Guided Meditations focusing on core states of being.

What Are The Benefits of Guided Meditation?

To get the most out of your meditation practice, consistency is key. Forming a new habit, even one that you want and enjoy, takes commitment and time. I’ve found the best way to commit to something new is to fully understand the benefits of it. Understanding the physical and psychological benefits of meditation can help us stay committed to the new practice.

The Physiological Benefits:

  1. Improved heart health
  2. Increased immune system function
  3. Better brain function
  4. Reduction of stress & anxiety
  5. Increased grey matter in the brain

Psychological Benefits of Meditation

  1. Reduced stress & anxiety
  2. Improved focus & memory
  3. Enhanced empathy & emotional intelligence
  4. Heightened creativity
  5. Improved decision-making ability

For a more in-depth understanding of why meditation can have these benefits, read my article on The Health Benefits of Meditation!

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