Guided meditation for relaxation

Welcome to this 60 minute guided meditation for relaxation!

In this relaxation meditation our main goal is to provide you with simple techniques on how to meditate to relax. This is a deep relaxation meditation which means we want to go past surface level relaxation and achieve complete, divine & deep relaxation.

We suggest finding a place where you can relax, uninterrupted, for the entire 60 minutes for an optimal, relaxing meditation experience.

We also recommend lying down with a blanket placed over your stomach for added comfort.We hope you find the relaxation you are looking for during this guided meditation & look forward to creating more experiences for you soon!

How to relax your body for meditation

Before we embark on our journey to deep relaxation we need to make sure we’re on the same page about these three things…

1. Posture

Find a position in which you can remain comfortably still with your spine straight.

Whether you are seated, lying down or even standing is not especially important in meditation. What is important is that your posture, whether seated or lying down, does not cause any unnecessary tension in your muscles and that your spine is straight.

2. Breathing

Slow, focused inhalations and exhalations (not deep breathing) is what we want to strive for in meditation if the goal is to gain clarity or relieve stress.

We suggest the simple technique of Resistance Breathing, which is simply breathing in and out through the nose. But you may also create resistance by breathing through pursed lips, hissing through clenched teeth or any other method that slows the flow of air.

3. Focus

We like to break up what to focus on when meditating into three different categories: Body Position & Breath, Sounds & Sensations, and Exploration & Contemplation.

A) Body Position & Breath

When you first sit or lie down to meditate, your focus should be entirely on getting your body in a comfortable position and beginning to start your resistance breathing. You want to take your time to get this right, because if you aren’t comfortable, you won’t be able to enter a meditative state. Thus, taking us away from our goal of complete and deep relaxation.

With that being said, never feel like you need to stay completely still. You are a human being. If you need to move, scratch an itch, cough, or anything that will make you more comfortable, always do so immediately.

B) Sounds & Sensations

By directly focusing on the sensation of sitting on the chair, the rising and falling of your breath, or any other specific focal point, you will, in effect, bring your mind to “the present moment” and experience the many stress & anxiety-reducing benefits that follow.

C) Exploration & Contemplation

Meditation is the best tool we have to improve our deep thinking & creative problem-solving ability. It’s important to realize that your thoughts create reality, and meditation offers us a way to objectively assess our patterns, and choose the thoughts & habits we want to repeat.

You can capitalize on the flow state neurochemistry produced during meditation to help find some answers or guidance to questions or topics that have been on your mind.

Sometimes, I even like to go into meditation with a specific question in mind.

All in all, these three categories of what to focus on when meditating is not a strict process. Feel free to shift your focus, move your body, or contemplate new topics at any time during your meditation. If you would like to read a more in depth explanation on posture, breathing, and focus during a guided meditation check out our blog post here:

Learn to listen from within

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