Guided meditation for manifesting your goals

Welcome to this 22 minute guided meditation for manifesting your goals. When you can embody your goals and really feel it and see it happening, that is when the “universe conspires for your success.”

In this guided meditation let’s actually step into our goals! Let’s feel them, say them, be them, see them, and really learn how to manifest through meditation! Let’s go there. To your place of actually experiencing this outcome that you want to live.So if you are on the manifestation wave and you also want to catch an even bigger one, the experience wave, this is the guided meditation for you :)

Does manifesting while meditating actually work?

Well, we are so glad that you asked!

Meditation has a direct effect on our brain’s attention networks, enabling us to enter into a hyper-focused “flow state” and enabling us to see things from a new perspective, especially our own thoughts and actions. Studies have shown that meditation helps improve our rational thinking capabilities by promoting balanced, healthy density & activity between the emotional and logical structures of the brain.

Goal-oriented guided meditation can be used to improve focus, catalyze creative problem-solving, and facilitate meditative contemplation on specific topics that can help us move the needle on actually achieving those goals we have set for ourselves.

When utilized correctly, guided meditation is one of the most effective tools for assisting high-level decision making. The source of stress & confusion around achieving goals can’t be solved by avoiding one's thoughts. By focusing on a specific topic, question or objective, outcome-oriented meditations can lead to insight provoking experiences that encourage people to think deeply, ask powerful questions & utilize their imagination while in a meditative state.

By turning down that static of the outside world, guided meditation can help foster the perfect inner environment for reception of guidance from the still small voice.

Learn to listen from within

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