About Heather

About Heather

Heather Hayward is a highly sought after results coach & immersive experience leader.  Over her professional career, she has served a diverse clientele, from artists to doctors to Fortune 500 CEOs, with a special focus on entrepreneurs. 

Since her start as a results coach in 2003, Heather’s original method of coaching combined with guided meditation & laser targeted inquiry has been foundational to her success in growing her private practice to a 1-year waiting list through word-of-mouth alone.

In 2014, Heather took her over 30 years of experience leading guided meditations in 1-on-1 practice into the realm of groups, retreats, workshops and meditation classes.  Hosting her own private events and teaching weekly classes at Unplug Meditation in Santa Monica, she quickly established a unique, relatable approach to leading groups.  Since then, she has facilitated well over 500 group guided meditation infused events, from classes to workshops to retreats.

In 2017, Heather went into business with her son, Hunter, to create The Guided Meditation Framework™.  Together, they consolidated, boiled down and crystalized her over 40,000 hours of experience leading guided meditations, with clients & groups, into systematized learning process.  

Drawing on her pragmatic and battle tested approach, The Guided Meditation Framework™ is a no-nonsense online training & group coaching program designed to help professionals make a difference in the lives of others with guided meditation.

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