Guided Meditation Framework Reviews

In The Guided Meditation Framework™, our student’s success is our #1 priority.  Our highly interactive learning environment & community make our program not just another meditation facilitator training, but rather, a transformational experience.

Listen to our student’s reviews & personal experiences below!

Student Testimonials

Laura W.

Business Success Coach

Georgia, USA

Russ M.

Clinical Mental Health Counselor

Utah, USA

Dr. Donna M.

Organizational Psychologist

California, USA

Sun B.

Transformational Coach & Hypnotherapist

Oregon, USA

Joanna M.

Yoga Studio Owner

United Kingdom

Michele O.


California, USA

Kristen W.

Registered Nurse & Life Coach

Wisconsin, USA

Katie W.

Actor & Fitness Instructor

California, USA

Maryam J.

Physical Therapist

California, USA

Linette B.

Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher

Washington, USA

Tony S.


Michigan, USA

Lisa G.

Nutritional Educator & Coach

New Mexico, USA

Sally-Anne C.

Guided Meditation Facilitator

United Kingdom

Judy J.

Energy Worker

Texas, USA

Suzanne D.

Yoga Studio Owner

Oregon, USA

Kathleen G.

Virginia, USA

Camilo P.

Yoga Therapist & Meditation Teacher

Florida, USA

Tammy G.

Account Executive

California, USA

Nora P.

Lawyer & Entrepreneur

California, USA

Jessica T.

Holistic Nurse Coach

Georgia, USA

Mallorie N.

Holistic Nutrition Coach

Washington, USA

John F.


Florida, USA

Jackson L.

Guided Meditation Facilitator

Scott M.

Registered Nurse

Connecticut, USA

Clare S.

Executive Coach & Coach Supervisor

Pennsylvania, USA

Ed S.

Life Coach & Wellness Coach


Lisa M.

Customer Service Representative

New Brunswick, Canada

Lisa C.

Integrative Somatic Transformation Coach

Hawaii, USA

Laura S.

Holistic Care & Meditation Coach

United Kingdom

Margo J.

Holistic Nurse Coach

Connecticut, USA

Angie B.

Health & Wellness Professional

Tennessee, USA

Stephen G.

Clinical Social Worker

New York, USA

Liz B.

Owner of Liz Bigger Coaching

Virginia, USA

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