Guided Meditation for Healing

Guided meditation is a great tool for healing both physical & emotional wounds. Whether you are dealing with a broken heart or a broken arm, using guided meditation for healing can accelerate both the physiological and/or psychological repair mechanisms.

Guided Meditation for Healing the Body & Mind

Meditation, in general, has a great many health benefits to both our physiology & our psychology. Just the act of slowing the breath down & focusing the mind on a singular sensation has the power to reduce stress & anxiety and release healthy hormones/neurotransmitters in the body & brain.

However, there is more healing power to unlock in meditation, by focusing the mind on a specific ailment in need of healing, be that physical, mental or emotional. By using the power of visualization in a meditative state, one can accelerate the healing processes in the body and/or gain the perspective needed to overcome emotional hardship.

By oneself, in self-directed meditation, it can be quite difficult to maintain the focus necessary to engage in this targeted application of meditation. That is where guided meditation can offer a unique solution. In guided meditation, the pressure of creating a meditative experience off of the meditator. In a healing guided meditation, all you need to do is listen to the words of the facilitator to engage in the experience.

YouTube Guided Meditation for Healing

Want to Experience More Healing Meditation?

If you’d like to experience more meditation videos, feel free to check out Heather Hayward’s YouTube Channel. And if you’d like us to create a healing meditation for a purpose we haven’t covered yet, let us know in the comments on one of our videos!

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