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We're on a mission to guide people within to connect with the true source of calm, clarity & courage: The Still Small Voice within us all. Join us in The Wellspring to enrich your own life or explore our professional training to join us in our mission as an Immersive Meditation Facilitator.

Photo of Heather Hayward and Hunter Varnum, the founders & creators of The Guided Meditation Framework & Immersive Leadership Academy
Box set of The Guided Meditation Framework's meditation facilitator training, client acquisition training & coach certification that the meditation training platform

Meditation Facilitator Training

Immersive Leadership Academy

The Immersive Leadership Academy is our all-in-one professional development suite designed to turn empaths into entrepreneurs. First, you’ll master the art of Immersive Meditation with our flagship meditation facilitator training. Then, we’ll help you install our client acquisition system in your business to get clients, impact lives & prosper. Click the button below to explore.


Hear from our clients

Laura West
Business Success Coach

"I’ve been doing visualizations for years now that I’ve created on my own, but now it’s gone to a whole different level using the framework that Heather & Hunter provide. You really learn how to do it properly, so that your clients really get, not just a feel-good blip, but they really get some deep transformation. And they learn how to go inside and tap into that deep inner wisdom, which is becoming more and more important in this crazy uncertain world that we’re in.”

Immersive Meditation

What's the "Immersive Meditation" method?

Immersive Meditation is an elegant & highly effective methodology for facilitating breakthroughs & growth. Whether you want to start a 1-on-1 coaching business, lead workshops or build online courses, Immersive Meditation will equip you with the skillset & flexibility needed to consistently catalyze transformational results. Discover why this method is the future of personal development with the button below.

A double exposure image of a woman having a realization because a certified meditation coach led her through an immersive meditation after getting a meditation teacher training
A screenshot of an meditation course created and led by Heather Hayward

online meditation studio

Meditation Courses

Chart a course for change & deepen your connection to Spirit inside our online meditation studio. Enjoy live meditations led by Heather Hayward & our Certified Meditation Facilitators. Explore expertly crafted meditation courses & experiences mixed in 3D immersive audio. Engage with a global online community on a shared journey of personal & spiritual development.

Meet the creator

About Heather Hayward

Heather Hayward is Results Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Immersive Experience Leader with over 20 years & +40,000 hours of in-session experience guiding her clients to clarity. In 2017, Heather went into business with her son, Hunter Varnum, and together they created The Guided Meditation Framework® to empower other coaches, therapists, practitioners & aspiring entrepreneurial empaths with the proprietary tools & techniques that served as the foundation of her success.

Photo of Heather Hayward - Renowned Results Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Meditation Teacher, and Immersive Experience Leader.

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